Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen Review

Every girl has her own share of struggles to master the art of applying the perfect winged liner. Winged liners look best with liquid liners, but if you are a beginner with shaky hands for liquid liner, this eyeliner pen is just for you.
Read on Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen Review to know more about it..

Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen Review

Product Claims and Info
Comes with an applicator tip designed to create ultra-fine and dramatic lines. Highly pigmented, Precision Sharp eye liner Pen comes in blackest black for intense and even lines. Glides on easily, quick drying, smudge-proof and lasts up to 14 hours of wear.

Quantity : 1 ml
Price : RM 18.50

First Look
The Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen is a sleek, black pen with some silver motifs on it. All the product details including the ingredient list, manufacturing date is written on the pen itself. The cap of the pen fits in tight but doesn’t get locked in place, so there are chances of accidental opening. Other than that, the packaging is compact and looks great.

Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen Review

My Experience
Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen comes only in 1 shade and Silkygirl calls it the 01 Blackest Black. The shade is of course black, but not the perfect jet black. I have used liquid eyeliners having higher color payoff than this eyeliner.
The pigmentation of the eyeliner is good. Really pigmented if you use it to draw a thin line. When I draw thicker lines with this pen, it kinda looks patchy.
It has a very sharp, extremely precise tip to give you the thinnest line possible. The tip is a felt tip not a flexible one. The pen is very easy to hold and use.

Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen Review

The eyeliner pen glides on effortlessly without any hassle and dries fast. The finish of the eyeliner is slightly glossy, not matte. I really like glossy finish eyeliners as it makes eyes look bright and awake. This eyeliner is smudge proof to an extend and also waterproof. The staying power is awesome. It stays all day without fading or flaking and totally lives upto its 14 hour claim. It has to be removed with an eye makeup remover.
The ink flow from the pen is also good provided that you always store the pen with the tip facing downwards. Else a long waiting time is needed to get the ink flow down to the tip, before using it.
While using this eyeliner pen, you have to be extra careful as the sharp tip may poke the eyes.
With this eyeliner pen, drawing a winged liner won’t take more than 4-5 minutes, and it works for all kind of eyes, big or small.

Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen Review


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Slight glossy finish.
  • Smudge proof and waterproof.
  • Thin, precise tip.


  • Slightly patchy for thick lines.

My Rating : 7.5/10
You should get this eyeliner if you are not an expert to use liquid eyeliner .

Beautifully yours ,

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