Indulekha Satapatri Skin Care Cream Review

Is Indulekha Satapatri Skin Care Cream a solution for perfect skin and does it help to get rid of acne and blemishes?? To know read Indulekha Satapatri Skin Care Cream Review…

Product Claims and Info
Indicated for skin diseases, pigmentation disorder, pimples and dry skin.Their main claim is to make the skin fairer, remove tan and blemishes.

Ingredients : Kumkuma, Manjishtha, Satapatri, Devadaru, Haridra, Priyangu, Yashti, Nalikera, Water, Cream Base.
Price       : INR 198
Quantity : 50 gm


My First Thoughts on product

  • The packaging is cute, a tiny plastic tub with a screw in lid.
  • The consistency of the cream is very thick.
  • The cream is peachish in color, with a strong fragrance.


My Experience
Since the cream is very thick in consistency, you just need a little amount each time. So this small tub will last for months.
On application , the product is absorbed into the skin very quickly, controls oil and leaves the skin matte. So it is absolutely perfect for oily skinned people as a daily face moisturizer. The product tend to put on a white cast if used on dry skin, so the best way to use it will be when skin is slightly damp.
On regular application, the product did fulfill it’s claims to a small extend. It removed tan, lightened acne scars and made face brighter. It is not a miraculous skin product as they claim, and doesn’t give perfect skin overnight, but it takes time , like some 4 weeks to see some difference.
It didn’t bring any dramatic change to my complexion, but since it is quite effective in removing tan, it made a slight difference.
The cream may not be very moisturizing for dry skinned people, so they will have to use it along with their regular moisturizer.
It is 100% ayurvedic , and did not cause any kind of allergic reaction on my sensitive skin and also didn’t cause any kind of breakouts. For dark circles, the product is not very helpful in removing it.

Indulekha  Satapatri Skin Care Cream Review Swatch

How I use the product

  • As a regular face moisturizer in the day time.


  • Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Removes tan and blemishes.
  • Lightens acne scars.
  • Affordable.
  • Controls oil and leaves skin matte.


  • The fragrance is strong and not very pleasant.
  • Did not help with dark circles.
  • No “whitening” of skin tone as claimed.
  • The packaging is good, but a tube instead of a tub would have been better.

My Rating : 7/10
Indulekha Satapatri Skin Care Cream is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine which is gentle to skin and do remove tan from skin and also helps to face acne scars. I recommend using this product since it contains no harmful chemicals (Since they claim it to be an ayurvedic medicine).
Hope this review helped.

Beautifully yours ,

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74 Comments on Indulekha Satapatri Skin Care Cream Review

  1. nin says:

    Can I use Indulekha satapathri cream as a night cream???.

  2. salu s nair says:

    indulekha satapatri skin care cream ,i am used in more than 3 month. my face r lokking bright and soft.thanking for u………..

  3. Rinzu Rajan says:

    Thank you for this. was planning to give this a try, but was apprehensive about it.

  4. karthika says:

    is indulekha satapatri cream is good ? shall i use this after washing my face in himalaya neem face wash and can i use this fpr twice a day? is this cure pimples?help me pls…………
    karthika recently posted…Essence Multi Action Mascara ReviewMy Profile

  5. vidhya says:

    hi friends,
    i used many creams to avoid acne but no gud results still 🙁 .is satapatri cream ll make any changes on acne share ur reviews and hw to use this cream ??

  6. sasi kala says:

    hi…my skin is so oily…my skin looks bright and pretty at the time of face wash only..within one hour it look blemish and oily …..can induleka cream solve my problem???

  7. Priya says:

    Hai am priya.. The indhulekha satabathri cream is used to as a like normal skin cream.? I can used to a day cream?? Plz help me..

  8. sushmitha says:

    hi…. i have dry skin.. what to do? and how this cream will work for me..

  9. Nandhini says:

    Can I use it as a night cream pls guide me……

  10. vasu says:

    hi…i have combination skin….what to do? and how this cream will work for me. this cream only for face or all over body…

  11. Benz says:

    Hi Indulekha team i feel like to use this cream but im fair and i have a dry skin, and also i have a black spots on my face, is this correct cream for me, Pls give me the solution, and also if i use Indulekha face pack is good for me?

    • Sana says:

      Hi Benz, This is my personal website and I’m not associated with Indulekha by any means. For dry skin this product may not be very moisturizing.

  12. Rakesh says:

    As a man can use this product .. i have black complexion and oily skin too.. it is useful for me ?

  13. Jins says:

    Can i use this cream , because i am 24 old guy and i gave oily skin and dark complexion too… is it useful for me ?

    • Sana says:

      Hi Jins, You can give it a try. I don’t think it works for improving complexion, and that is just from my personal experience. It might work for you.

  14. Binu says:

    i have gone through the review i am intrested in purchasing it will i get in chennai kindly help me out its avaliability.

    my number is 9500000919

    • Sana says:

      Hi Binu, This website is a beauty product review site and I’m not associated with the product manufacturers in any way. Hope you will get required info from their facebook page.

  15. vani says:

    i have white spots on my skin ,is it suitable for my skin?

  16. sabeena says:

    I have lot of promlems in my face.for ex,dark spot,not brightness,not cleared and rough face. This cream can help me?

  17. moni says:

    my skin is very oily n can i apply dis cream at night times after washing my fasch can i apply dis it will work for me ya

  18. smriti says:

    Hi.. Mine is oily skin and I used Indulekha Satapatri cream for 2 months continuously .. My face have lots of pimple marks after trying this cream pimple marks had vanished and no new pimples.

  19. Kiran says:

    any +positive result for boys…?? reply me frndz..

  20. Priya Gp says:

    Sana mam thanks for responding us. Ur answers r genuine and gentle. Now my problem is,, Im fair by birth. But now a days my face became dark & dull. Tats my only problem. Will this cream be able to cure my darkness and bring back my original colour?? My darkness is becoz of improper intake of food & lack of sleep…

  21. Priya Gp says:

    I wish to buy tiz cream as my frnds recommeñd tiz cream… my one &oly prblm is darkness tat occured recently. I never used creams or even face powders. For the frst time wanna make a try of tiz cream. Help me Sana!!

    • Sana says:

      Hi Priya, I think your skin has become dark due to tanning. This product has helped me to remove tan, so I think you should definitely give it a try.
      Also don’t forget to apply sunscreen whenever you go out in sun.

  22. Bhuvi says:

    I m having pigmentation in my face. Shall i use indhuleka skin care cream? Is this reduce pigmentation?

    • Sana says:

      Hi Bhuvi, The product claim to help with pigmentation. But I have no experience with it as I don’t have pigmentation problem. You can always give it a try.

  23. Hi This is santhosh
    I want this cream right now I.m out station any courier services available
    I hope ur company because past time our family members use hair oil.face oil….
    Pls send impormation

  24. Nishanthi P says:

    Hi My skin is dark Can I use indulekha-satapatri?
    Nishanthi P recently posted…Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening Kit ReviewMy Profile

  25. ruchi says:

    i have dark complexion..wil ths cream help me to improve my tone.?
    i badly want to improve my skin tone 🙁

    • Sana says:

      Hi Ruchi,
      This cream doesn’t help much in improving skin tone. May be it’s just me, you can always give it a try. If you seriously want to improve skin tone, there are a lot of home made masks you can use, which will help you to brighten your skin. To be honest, you cannot actually change dark complexion to fair. Dark skin is equally beautiful as fair skin and the most important thing is to have a clear, blemish free, healthy skin than fair skin.

  26. saranya says:

    hi am very black and oily skin am used lots of creams.. but no useful results. am very upset. but now i use indulekha its use ful or not pleaseeeeeeeeee tel meeeeeee frnds

  27. Guna says:

    I am a boy can i use this cream and it is reduce black spot in men plz rply me

  28. Prerna says:

    I too prefer ayurvedic products a lot but yes they have very strong and not really pleasant fragrance. Btw nice review.
    Prerna recently posted…VOV Waterproof Soft Kohl Kajal Pencil Black ReviewMy Profile

  29. shilpa says:

    Hi I am shilpa…… I am 27 yrs old….. I have oily and dull skin…can I use this cream….
    Will it improve my complexion…… wil this work as a suscreen …… I am tired of using thr creams which are in market…… will this help for me…. pls reply

    • Sana says:

      Hi Shilpa, You can definitely use this cream. The cream is suitable just as a moisturiser. You will have to use sunscreen separately. For improving complexion, it do brighten the skin a bit.

  30. shruthi says:

    Hi…. I am shruthi….. I am 27 years old…… I have oily skin and dark circles…. my skin is lifeless and very dull…. I used many creams butof no use…… I have planned to use this cream…… wil this cream brighten the skin and reduce dark circles…… if not suggest me with any good ayurvedic cream…… Please reply soon…..

  31. isan says:

    hi. Iam 19 years old.i have sun scratchrs and wound scratches on my face. Can i use indulekaha skin care cream to remove that

  32. jems says:

    hi mam, im 23 yrs old boy, and am a oily skin boy, am nt too fair. I tried many whitening cream for lightening my skin. But still i could nt find any fair product. Some of my friends are using some harmful product like faiza and cosmelite etc.. bt im nt intrested in such products.
    So Can u pls suggest any whitening moisturising cream for men which is very helpful for whitening skin and not too harm ful for skin.

  33. kavi says:

    this is good /bad crame suggested me

  34. viji says:

    Can we use this cream as sunscreen? if means what'”s SPF ?

    • reena says:

      Hi sana

      I am forty. ..very oily skin… .medium daughter is 14 fair and oily it ok to use indulekha shat japa tri …can I use powder on it …For perfection

      • Sana says:

        This cream is a little bit heavy for Indian hot summers. You can definitely go ahead and give a try. Using powder on top of it might clog the pores of teenagers leading to pimples.

  35. Hai sana can I use indulekha skin care cream at night and Sathapathri cream as a day cream ? My skin type is normel only! Pls reply?

  36. priya s says:

    Hey Sana!! I have tan problem will this cream help me removing tan???

  37. anusha says:

    I have a dry nd black skin….i feel so inferior… Can I use this for my fairness?

    • Sana says:

      Skin dryness is a beauty issue, but not dark skin :). Be proud of your skin color. Healthy skin matters, not fair skin.

  38. Fazil says:

    Im only 17 yr old …can I use indulrkha satapatri skin care cream as night cream

  39. maha says:

    Hi, my skin is very dry. what to do?

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